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I never thought I would encounter administration worse than some of what we had at the LBMB and what's at the ZBoard, but it would appear I have. It comes in the form of Gabby, the administrator of RPG Central. I remember some people complained at the LBMB of Abby not distancing herself emotionally and personally from her job, and if you thought she was bad ... there are no words to describe Gabby. One minute she's closing the boards down for "personal reasons" and not keeping anyone informed, next she's decided that the boards can stay. Or I'm a moderator, then she takes me off, is persuaded to make me one again, and then takes me off again. And then she said she didn't want Ally to be an administrator, and now she's made her one! It's bloody maddenning. She's a stupid whiny little girl who makes her decisions based on pure emotion, is hardly consistent in her judgement, and never keeps anyone informed of what she's doing, not even those on the administrative team.

Bah. Absolutely useless.

I now have a question for U2 fans. Well, actually, two questions, and if you're a U2 fan, please answer the question that is applicable to you.

If you are NOT a Christian, what do you think about U2's faith and how it influences their music? Does it bother you? Have you learnt something about faith through their music?

If you ARE a Christian, what do you think about U2's faith and how it influences their music? Has it had any impact on you whatsoever? Has it influenced your faith in any way? Taught you something you didn't know before?

Because of my faith, the applicable question for me is the second one, and personally, U2's faith and the themes in their music has influenced me greatly. Indeed, it is possible that their music saved my faith. It expresses so many things I've felt - songs such as If God Will Send His Angels, Wake Up Dead Man, and With Or Without You have been such a Godsend for me - helped me through tough spots, taught me more about faith, and helped me in a way I never thought music could. Their music and their actions have had a great impact, not just on my life, but on my faith as well.

Also, I absolutely love Pulse by Pink Floyd. It's quickly turning me into a Pink Floyd fan.
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