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Right, more details from Melbourne and my trip in general. How joyous for you all. (It is up to the reader to decide if they wish to take that last sentence seriously or sarcastically)

Whatever that ugly thing is beside Flinders Street railway station, it needs to be destroyed. It is the ugliest bloody building, and looks like some half-completed rubbish tip. What moron decided to build that? There's so many lovely buildings in Melbourne, it's right next to the great Flinders Street station ... and they build that thing? *shudder* I would find a picture to show you just how horrid it is, but I dare not subject any more people to the torture.

On Friday night, we called into the Crown casino or whatever it's called. I went and gambled, and won ten hands of poker in a row. Thus I am rolling in money. Actually, if you can't tell, I'm being quite sarcastic. We hardly intended to gamble, and even if I wanted to, they wouldn't admit me because I'm too young. We actually went to see the fire-y things that they have shooting out along the Yarra River outside the casino - the warmth from those flames is so nice on a cold night - and to look at the light show in the lobby, which was quite neat. That entry makes the Gold Coast casino lobby look like utter crap.

I was highly disappointed by the Murray River. Now the Murray is cracked up to be this great river - and closer to its mouth in South Australia, it is massive - but in Albury-Wodonga, it's quite small. I crossed larger rivers on the drive down the New South Wales north coast.

Speaking of the New South Wales north coast, on the way back home we stopped in at Coff's Harbour on the way home. There was a comment to come with this detail, but I forget it. I forget if I even had an idea, or was just thinking that I should write a comment about Coff's Harbour.

Turns out I've rediscovered that there is decent music out there beyond U2. That would come as quite a relief to many of you. Mum's gone to Alan's tonight so I'm going to get her to borrow Alan's Pink Floyd CD (I think it's called Pulse) because I enjoyed it and want to save it onto my computer. I have also rediscovered just why I love Jimmy Eat World and Linkin Park and why I like Matchbox Twenty. (Something most of you probably don't know about me: I was once nearly obsessed with Matchbox Twenty when I was 11 ... then I got bored with them)

I believe I've mentioned before, but I enjoyed the talkback radio in Melbourne, or at least some of it. My introduction to Melbourne radio was one DJ (Darren Hinch I think his name was) abusing some caller and the caller abusing him back, and then the next day it was just more, but at one point with a different DJ. Sadly, that was it for abusive and amusing Melbourne talkback - the rest I heard was either about craft *snore* or gardening *snore*. I want abusive DJs. They're bloody funny and we need them on the Gold Coast.

Hm. I think I'm running out of things to say. What a dreadful shame. (Again, it is the reader's choice as to whether that last sentence is to be taken seriously or sarcastically)

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