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AIM and commenting

Why am I still up? I don't know. In any case, I'm going to bed within a few minutes.

Regarding AIM: I am not sure if it is going to show me offline when I sign off or not. I think it might considering something I tried whilst talking to Tasha, but I don't know if it will. So if you talk to me and I do not reply, DO NOT BE OFFENDED. Odds are that my AIM is showing me on when I'm not really. For tomorrow, I'm planning on sleeping in, but I should be on by 10am. I damn well hope the thing doesn't show me on when I'm not, otherwise I'll be forced to get a new screen name.

Regarding commenting: I am now going around replying to posts on my friends page and comments made to me while I was away. If you get a comment relating to an entry made a good few days ago that's completely irrelevant now, do not be alarmed.

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