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Needing to desperately visit the bathroom while in an Internet cafe is a form of torture I would never wish upon anyone.

Things are going great at the moment. I have become addicted to a minigolf game on my Mum's mobile phone ... how sad. As soon as I'm finished up here, we're heading off to see the parade of the players in the grand final, and that should be good. Tomorrow is the game, and we're going to get there around 11am I think, even if it doesn't start until 2:30. I'm really looking forward to the game - it's going to be great, and hopefully Brisbane will win. If they do, it'll be their third premiership in a row, a feat not achieved since ... 1957 I believe.

Some of the talkback radio shows on here are bloody hilarious. I never thought radio announcers could be that funny - and that abusive. We need stuff like that on the Gold Coast, but instead all we have is crappy pop and rap stations, and the Christian radio station that wouldn't know decent Christian music if it punched them in the face.

If it wasn't for an Albury-Wodonga radio station playing Beautiful Day yesterday morning, I would've done something I haven't done for literally months and gone a day without listening to U2. Let's see how today goes. Can I resist the urge to put Under A Blood Red Sky on? Hm.

I also need more books. I am rapidly finishing So Long And Thanks For All The Fish. It's such a good book, and I hate putting it down. Part of it last night had me in such hysterics that I could barely breathe. Just looking at the page made me laugh. But now I've got only about 80-90 pages to go, which, if I'm not careful, I'll easily finish tonight. Bah. I think we'll call into a bookshop in Melbourne before the parade. Hope we do.

I had a lot I was going to say, but now I can't remember it. Oh well, I'll just have to do a massive update when I get back. I'm running low on time anyway. Goodbye all, and God bless.

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