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Two updates in one month? What strange alchemy is this!

If I have learnt one thing in life, it is that headphones and I are not friends, as much as I love them. For somebody whose "good" pair of headphones never leave his desk, I am somehow quite adept at making one channel work only intermittently within 7-10 months of purchase. Meanwhile, Charlotte's "good" pair get all kinds of rough treatment and are somehow still going three years later. No doubt if I borrowed them, they would somehow explode in a shower of sparks and black metal within a month.

Headphone calamities aside, yesterday's confirmation went very smoothly, so it looks like I'm somehow still cruising with this PhD business. This year's agenda includes conference presentation and article publication; next thing you know, people may start taking me seriously for a few minutes! Don't live too dangerously now, folks.

I am pretty sure the world is a better place after the way the Indian cricket team skittled the Australians in a World Cup warm-up. Let's hope it's a harbinger of even better things to come.

Charlotte and I have done some more updates over on Mow Your Lawn! for your reading pleasure. I have a couple of interstate and international ideas lined up to improve the geographical spread somewhat, and I may just try to take a peek inside a couple of nearby abandoned houses. They're just intriguing me a little bit too much. Plus they'd make awesome photographic subjects.
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