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Cricket and the Americans.

Finally, the picture post you have all been waiting for ... the wonders of AMERICANS PLAYING CRICKET!

The location: Pinkerton Park, Franklin, Tennessee, USA

The participants: Caroline (stolidlimeberry), Kate (purplicious), Kate's brother Jonathan, Ondrea (cat_incarnate), Susanna (sanna1116), and yours truly.

Nationality of participations: 5 Americans, 1 New Zealander (if you couldn't guess, that's me in the New Zealand one day cricket team's shirt).

Photos are courtesy of Kate on my camera, and Susanna running around madly with hers.

Before the game, we first picked up food. Have camera, will take photos. I think this is a fantastic picture of Kate, an amusing one of Jonathan, and pretty blahish of me.
Image hosted by

Now let's go play cricket!
Image hosted by

Whatever we're doing here, it has something to do with setting up the game.
Image hosted by

Me putting the stumps in the ground.
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OK, Americans who were not at the game, note this picture and note it well. This is part of your sporting education and general enhanced cultural awareness. Pictured below are WICKETS. The three long things are called STUMPS. The two little things across the top are BAILS. Should the bails be dislodged and you're the batsman, you are (generally) out. You can be dismissed via other means too.
Image hosted by

Now, here I am, demonstrating cricket to the Americans. (Sidenote: sounds like what I'd expect to read in some 18th century journal: "now, here I am, bringing culture to the natives ...")
Image hosted by

Susanna (left) and Caroline (right), are not listening ...
Image hosted by

... definitely not listening.
Image hosted by

Once everyone was listening again, I demonstrated how to bowl.
Image hosted by

Now, let's play! I'm not quite sure what sport Caroline thought she was playing, though. Let us now laugh at two pictures of her hysterical batting method.
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

She can hold a bat much better than Caroline!
Image hosted by

Shame she missed the part about running with your bat extended in front of you!
Image hosted by

Jonathan's got the evil eye and his lasers will blow off the bails.
Image hosted by

And while I was the only one who could actually bowl properly ...
Image hosted by

... I think this is a pretty damn fearsome bowling attack!
Image hosted by

Final marks:
Hilarity: 10/10
Fun: 10/10
Ability of Americans to play cricket: 0/10
Ability of Americans to entertain people of Commonwealth nationalities by playing cricket: 11/10

Actually, zero out of ten may be unfair - they did well for a first try! I had a grand time. Now to try to introduce rugby to them! Well, maybe I'll find some males. Get them away from pansy American football and teach them to play like real men.
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